Our Mission

We’re here to serve up mobile mastery and support legit democratised access to the Ethereum blockchain.

We believe

Crypto Can Be Easy

The baffling jargon or high risk scheme narrative is just that, a story. It's not our story. We're part of EthaEarn (more on them below) as they prove the point, giving everyone easy access to Ether cryptocurrency - for free! So, ditch the skepticism and headaches, and let's earn some, learn some, and see what happens!

a new playbook

Better Mobile and Perks

Sure it's rebellious, no bundles, no term contracts and free crypto? But we're staying legit, there's no need to hustle. We're serving up mobile mastery all across Aotearoa, leveraging one of the best mobile networks in the country to do it. We provide you with high speed uncapped mobile data plans and national coverage, while we bank you 10% in Ether each month.

Don't get salty. get ether.

Get There Faster

We don't negotiate with trolls and we're not here to convince you. Ethanet is for the peeps out there that are crypto curious, see a digital future or just want a risk-free little extra somethin' somethin' on the side, for nothin'. You either get it, or you don't.


Be part of the movement

Here's our humble brag, we're the first merchant in a new global loyalty programme that rewards customers in Ether... not gold stars and points.

EthaEarn is non-custodial, meaning your earnings are yours, decentralised, and waiting for YOU on the Ethereum blockchain.

OK Boomer

Also known as frequently asked questions
What do you think you're doing?

Our approach is admittedly a bit tongue-in-cheek. Mobile plans with no bundles or contracts? Bold. We know. A collab with EthaEarn to reward kiwis with 10% back in Ether, every month? God damn what a rush!

But for real, we're going to keep you connected and calling and crawling through socials, so you can earn a little and learn a little (that's a plug for our Insta right there) and get there faster.

Who do you think you are?

The founders of Ethanet are Joanna O'Connor and Chris Calder, based in little old Auckland, New Zealand.

Chris is CEO of Ethanet, he's been playing with telco and crypto a while and thought, hey, why not dish out both together? His attention to detail means we rebuilt this website about six times over and hand crafted EthaEarn into the real deal, a fully decentralised crypto rewards system so only you have access to your Ether, not us, not them!

Joanna's our CMO, heading up all things marketing. She's our networking extraordinaire, aka the door opener. She's out there right now telling someone the Ethanet and EathEarn story. Yeah, that chick!

Behind the scenes we have a few tech geeks architecting a new age of blockchain reward services, just for you!

Why are you doing this?

We want to support democratised access to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We want to demystify what it actually is... so that you can too. Frankly, it's time to make crypto easy: to understand it, get it, own it, and use it. As Einstein said “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” We hope that as a customer of ours, or even as a troll, you get a better understanding of what this next digital revolution is all about.

So you think Ether is the new Gold do you?

Are we ditching our debit cards for crypto cards? Hell no. But we believe in the future of Ethereum technology and want our customers to have the currency (ETH) to use it. Ethereum is a green machine; it is a more sustainable (no mining) and a more scalable blockchain. Ethereum is like an Avenger... of the blockchain world. It's cleaning up the streets (super-low energy consumption) and kicking ass innovating it's way into the next digital revolution; like trademarking digital art (NFTs) and online identities (Metaverse), oh and roughing up a few egos in the decentralised finance scene.


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